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Mr. Twister
“"Mr. Twister's summer reading program for 2007 was outstanding. The way he worked the summer theme into his entertainment program was appeciated by the librarian. The enthusiasm of the kids was contagious and spread to the adults and librarians present. If his next program is half as good as this one was, don't miss it." Mary Ferwerda, Librarian Centerville Community LIbrary “"It is without hesitation that I highly recommend Mr. Twister to libraries everywhere. The act is humorous, highly engaging and entertaining. Audience response to the program is unparalleled. Mr. Twister has been to our library 3 times. By now, kids know his name and flock to his programs. We consistently have attendance of 140 plus. You would never regret bringing this high-energy act to your library." Linda Reida, Library Director Carroll Public Library   "Everything was done in a professional manner. The way Mr. Twister incorporated the library and books was wonderful. It is a good idea for kids to hear frompeople other than teachers and librarians how much reading can help them. He made it fun and entertaining. I've heard many comments about how much everyone loved the show. Jeannie Frerichs, Director Akron Public Library "Bob is talented and works very hard to involve the students and to have fun with his magical acts and using his talents with the balloons. Our children and staff had a great time. He has a great program. I would recommend his show to other schools and organizations." Doug Erickson, Hayward Elementary, Sioux Falls, SD "All three of your performances were sold out. You delighted kids of all ages with your comedy, magic and balloon creations. We hope to have you back for next year's Summer Reading Program." Jim Oliver Siouxland Libraries, Sioux Falls, SD "I'm not sure who enjoyed the performance more, the grown-ups or the kids. Mr. Twister kept all of us entertained with all his tricks and balloon magic." Carol Stricherz Cozard Memorial Library, Chamberlain, SD
Mr. Twister is the premiere balloon sculptor in the region. He can handle any size crowd and maintain his professionalism while continuously entertaining those around him. His stage shows are more than entertaining -- they're engaging. There's never a shortage of audience participation or laughter. Dave Holly "Deebo the Clown"   Everyone loves balloon twisting and Mr. Twister is the best! I am always amazed at his balloon creations. Whether he is twisting for parties, banquets, corporate functions or restaurants, he makes any event very special and memorable. Nate Nassif "Master Magician" Mr. Twister not only twists balloons into a variety of shapes and sizes, but he also entertains using balloons, magic and story telling, all twisted together to make a memorable event for children everywhere. Mr. Twister has been the opening act for the annual "Cavalcade of Magic" because he can warm up an audience like few others can. I've seen him in action balloon twisting on many occasions. He doesn't just make balloons, he creates memories for kids of all ages. Dave Lloyd "President, Society of American Magicians Assembly #273" We have know Mr. Twister (Bob Anderson) for approximately 5 years now. We have seen him in action at many different functions. We have also been proud to recommend him to many of our customers in need of entertainment. We have never heard anything but praise for the shows he puts on. Kids are happy and parents are pleased. It's always a win/win with Mr. Twister. We have also found Bob to be a very easy person to work with. He is professional, but always conducts his business in an easy going manner. He is the entertainer that other professionals love to work with. Gary and Cindy Krekelberg Owners, Party Land
Thank you for taking time to teach me how to twist balloons better. I once got a balloon twisting kit but could never get the hang of it. When I finished my homework I got it out and made a swan, a hat for my brother (one of your biggest fans), a fish, a mouse and a bunch of dogs. You really inspired me. I even got my dad to make an octopus. The BALLOON MONSTER was cool to. When I get more balloons I'm going to try to beat it. Thank you for letting me make and take home balloons. Zachary, age 9 I really like the class. It was really fun to learn how to twist balloons. I have been practicing at home. My favorite part of the class was the BALLOON MONSTER. The hat and the dog were also very fun. I enjoyed it all very much. Carter, age 10 Thank you for coming to our room on Friday. I really liked it when you made a balloon for me. My mom said it was a wonderful balloon. Briana, age 8 Thank you for coming to our room. I liked it when you made that big hat for the principal. Cecilia, age 7 Thank you for coming to our school on Friday. I really liked it when you made the balloons. Jahir, age 8  




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